Your Pet Could Be Famous

I was approached by a new online magazine, Family Pet’s Life to share their offer with all my followers.  It seems like a really neat idea to have your pet featured in a magazine 🙂

Just passing along the offer, you can find the info here on my Facebook pagest


Don’t Let Boredom Take Over Your Pets

Ever wonder what your pets do during the day while you are at work?  When you come through the door and your greeted with waggin tails, prancing and dancing and more kisses than you could imagine?  Constant purring and clawing of your pant legs?

They wait all day to see you- to some they are a part of your world.  However to our pets… you are their WHOLE world!

Oh my – how they miss us while we are away! See this dog show his affection for his owner coming home to rescue him!

Their reaction is similar to ours, when a loved one that you miss finally comes for a visit.  There is hugs, laughter, tears and more hugs!

Anywho!  Here are a couple of great tips and tricks to keep your furbabies content during the day.

  • Turn on the television- little do we know- they love Animal Planet!
  • Make sure to leave plenty of toys to keep them entertained through out the day (much cheaper than them eating or clawing up the furniture
  • Leave the shades up and the curtains open!  Let them see the world outside 🙂
  • Doggy Daycare a few times per week is a nice treat- let them mingle with their friends
  • Leave a “scent” of you around that they can cuddle with at nap time, a blankie isn’t just for toddlers
  • Consider adding a companion pet for your lil buddy- no one likes to be alone

By all means, this isn’t a complete list of things to keep them busy but it’s a start in the right direction.

While our outside world looks a lot like the picture belowPlaceholder Image– their whole world looks a whole lot different!

This cat shows exactly the love they have for you when you arrive home from the “big city” world.

Much Love from Your Future Furbaby Nurse,




The Cat’s Out of the Bag- Big Secret Revealed

My journey actually began a while back, I have prided myself on keeping the worlds best secret (according to me lol).  I want to invite you to share in my crazy and fun college journey at the ripe  (wise) age of 44!

Along the way I will share with you tips and tricks for pet owners, fun games to play with your fur babies and even some must have goodies for animal lovers only!